A Place in the Sun break silence after Jonnie Irwin axed following cancer diagnosis


Speaking about his young family, Jonnie said: “It’s only been recently that I’ve considered when we’re going to tell them because the twins are two and a half years old and Rex is four at Christmas – so they’re so young. 

“At the moment I don’t think there’s any need to tell them, it’ll be a lot for them to get their heads around.”

“I try my best to put my head in the sand as much as possible, because what’s the point in spending your days thinking about cancer when you could be thinking about something more interesting like the gas bill. The cost of living is a concern, it’s an added pressure on the current situation.”

He added: “Now is about making memories – as I’m sure they won’t remember me – to show them the early days were brilliant.”

A Place in the Sun airs on Channel 4 on weekdays at 3pm.


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