Afghan interpreter stuck in Afghanistan: 'Time is running out, we need help'


    EXCLUSIVE: An Afghan interpreter who is stuck in Afghanistan with his family is saying that “time is running out,” as Taliban continue to hunt door to door for people who worked for the U.S. government.

    “Out on the streets and in their homes Taliban ask ‘where did you work? for who? what’s your name? what was your date?,'” the interpreter told Fox News in an exclusive interview. 

    The interpreter, who asked to remain anonymous due to safety concerns, said he hasn’t left his house in two to three days. He explains those who worked for the U.S. government can’t give Taliban the real answers to their questions, so many are in hiding. “If he asks ‘what is your name?’ what should I tell him?'” the interpreter said.

    “Minute by minute we are face-to-face with somebody who will kill us,” he told Fox News. “We are scared.” 

    “We worked for American people in Afghanistan in a war zone in Kandahar, especially I…we supported American people in Afghanistan, what they needed–we would supply for them.”

    Right now, the Afghan interpreter said “we need the American people to help us.” He also called on the United Nations to help.

    The interpreter was in Kandahar previously, but when the Taliban took over, he and his family fled to Kabul thinking it would be safe. 

    “After weeks, the Taliban was attacking Kabul as well. Right now we don’t know what to do,” he told Fox News.


    The interpreter said he has tried to go to the airport, and just yesterday got a message that he was on the evacuation list. But, there’s too many people, and people are being shot, he told Fox News.

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