Almost 18,000 motorway car fines handed out – do you make any of these lethal mistakes?


    Almost 18,000 motorway-specific rule infringements were recorded between the start of 2016 and the end of May this year, based on statistics provided by police forces across the country. The most common offence was making an unnecessary stop on the hard shoulder or in a refuge area, with 6,821 penalties issued.

    More than 500 learner drivers were also spotted on the motorway illegally, although laws have since changed to allow learners to have lessons on motorways since June 2018. 

    Edmund King, president at the AA, said the 18,000 instances of poor driving on motorways are the tip of the iceberg.

    He said: “We know that millions of other offences, such as tailgating and middle lane hogging, go undetected.

    “So while cameras may pick up the extreme speeders, we still need more cops in cars to target the texting, tailgating and the last-minute exit-swooping drivers.

    Illegally stopping on the hard shoulder or in a refuge area carries a non-endorsable, £30 penalty.

    As part of the investigation, all 43 UK police forces were contacted, with 28 responding, saying they had given out a total of at least 17,775 tickets for dangerous motorway incidents.

    Melanie Clarke, the customer services director for Highways England, commented on the findings.

    She said: “We work with our road safety partners, including police forces across the country, to help raise awareness on a wide range of safe driving messages.

    “Although the vast majority of drivers do adhere to the rules of the road, those who engage in high-risk behaviours and commit an offence should be aware that action will be taken by our enforcement partners.”

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