American tourist trying to take selfie injured after falling into Mount Vesuvius crater


A 23-year-old American tourist fell into the crater of Mount Vesuvius while trying to retrieve his cellphone over the weekend, according to reports.

The man, who was visiting the famous volcano that towers over the Italian city of Naples, reached the more than 4,200 foot-high summit of the volcano, with two family members on Saturday, NBC reported.

Paolo Cappelli, the president of the Presidio Permanente Vesuvio, told the outlet the man and his relatives hiked up Vesuvius from the town of Ottaviano and accessed the top of the volcano through a forbidden area.

The man, who NBC identified as Phillip Carroll of Maryland, survived the fall.

“This family took another trail, closed to tourists, even if there was a small gate and ‘no access’ signs,” Cappelli told the outlet.


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