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Weeks after the businessman and Brexiteer reproached Prime Minister Boris Johnson for backing away from triggering Article 16, saying the UK had “bowed to the EU without a single shot being fired”, we want to hear what you want to know from the former Brexit Party MEP. He will then be asked what she thinks on a range of issues.

Mr Habib has been vocal about No10’s approach to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, accusing the Prime Minister of “watching events from a distance and instituting a few sanctions”.

In an open letter, he wrote that the resemblance between the EU’s and Russia’s intentions “seems to be lost on Mr Johnson”.

He said: “Both actors wish to exercise influence and control over their targets. They wish to neuter their independence.

“Admittedly, the EU has not amassed a military force to get its way but its aim with the United Kingdom is the same as Putin’s with Ukraine.

“Putin’s approach is through military might. The EU’s approach has been through the Protocol.”

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Through the Northern Ireland Protocol, the ex-MEP for Nigel Farage’s former party claimed, the bloc has gained “precisely” what Vladimir Putin wants from Ukraine – to get the country to “align itself with Russia”.

Last week, Mr Habib told the Government has failed to resist attempts by Brussels officials to burden Britain with damaging regulations.

He said: “The EU’s raison d’être is to pass regulations and this they do with great enthusiasm. Regulations act as a brake on growth and burden the economy with costs.

“As far as economic benefits are concerned, Brexit’s key opportunity was in ditching these regulations.

“This seems to have been lost on our negotiators when the Brexit deals were being struck.”


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