Best countries for expats named – Spain and Portugal do not make top 10


    There are 760,000 British expats around the world. Would-be expats looking to join the ranks of their fellow Britons overseas may have their eyes set on sun destinations such as Spain or the south of France.

    The northern country ranked high on all factors and had the best quality of life and happiness scores of the top 10 countries for expats.

    In second place was Austria, with the highest health score of the list.

    Third was Lithuania, which had the highest employment score, but the lowest happiness score.

    In fourth was Slovenia and in fifth the Netherlands.


    Portugal came 13th but had a relatively low happiness score.

    Spain and France both missed out on the top 10.

    Spain came up 17th and France 18th, proving that the sun is not everything when it comes to uprooting your life and moving to a new country.

    Britons looking to go overseas should look to Scandinavian and Eastern European countries for the best quality of life and employment opportunities.

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