Bitter blow for Kamala Harris as ninth staffer leaves in over a year – ‘Downward spiral’


She was also senior advisor for the then Senator Harris’ fearless for the People political action committee.

On Twitter, some users were shocked at the high turnover coming from the VP’s office.

One user, @vander_gof, wrote: “What an inspirational leader she must be.”

Another user, 2001, wrote: “That’s telling you something.”

One more user, Jape Puntila, wrote: “Kamala is in downward spiral.”

A fourth user, DS, wrote: “Not one. Not two, or even three. NINE.”

A further user, Misterboop, wrote: “Is there any staff left? Just another indication of Kamala Harris’ ineptitude….everyone’s bailing out so they are not associated with her and Joe!”

However, other users expressed their congratulations for Ms Singh and criticised the negative reaction to the news.

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“Sabrina has been excellent across the board and can’t wait for all her future successes.”

Ernesto Apreza, a senior adviser in the White House Office of Public Engagement, will become the new deputy press secretary and is expected to focus on engaging local and state press, as well as specific key coalition groups.

Apreza previously served on the Biden-Harris campaign, as well working on the then-mayor of Seattle’s staff.

However, Ms Singh is the latest in a long line of departures as the Vice President has had a turbulent first year in post.

Last year, communications director Ashley Etienne and press secretary Symone Sanders announced they were leaving.

Earlier this year, Ms Etienne was replaced by Jamal Simmons but Ms Sanders’ position remains unfilled.

In January, Harris’ director of press operations Peter Velz quit to join the protocol team at the State Department.

Vincent Evans, who worked as deputy director of public engagement and intergovernmental affairs, also left in January.

Mr Evans moved to work for the Congressional Black Caucus as Executive Director.

In an email sent to staff and obtained by CNN, Simmons said the Vice President’s new press secretary is expected to be a woman and could be announced soon.

According to another official, the hire is in the final stage of the recruitment process.

Ms Harris has had a difficult first year in office full of gaffes and unforced errors.

However, following a successful trip to Poland which avoided significant public criticism, Democrats will hope that she can reboot her image.


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