Blue Bloods theory: Danny’s arrest ‘sealed’ after feud with Jamie takes dangerous turn


Friday’s episode of CBS’ procedural drama, Blue Bloods saw brothers Danny Reagan (played by Donnie Wahlberg) and Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) in a bitter spat over work. Unlike their previous arguments, this feud was left unresolved which could hint at their relationship taking a dangerous turn. 

The recent episode titled On Dangerous Ground saw a different look at the usually close Reagan family. 

While patriarch Frank Reagan (Tom Selleck) faced backlash from his staff, his adult sons were embroiled in a bitter conflict. 

It all kicked off after Jamie secured a new role as a Field Intelligence Sergent. 

The job not only required him to keep secrets from his family but he also had to right to get involved in ongoing cases, which annoyed Danny.

However, things took a turn when Jamie suggested Danny was too close to the case, which focused on a man who lost his wife to a violent crime.  

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Jamie believed Danny was empathising too much with the victim Maritza because his late wife Linda Reagan (Amy Carlson) was the victim of a violent mugging. 

Before her death, she was also accidentally shot during a hit, while she was working and as a result, Linda dealt with PTSD. 

Even after the perpetrator Elijah Morton (Danny Olabi) was apprehended the brothers continued to butt heads. 

Elijah revealed the murder was an accident and he had been sent to kill Marco by the gang leader, Panos. 

This argument was unlike any other brotherly spat they had in the past, which would usually be resolved before the end of the episode, as the major difference is, Jamie’s job. 

His new role and responsibilities could be a hard adjustment for Danny and fans could see it take a while before Danny accepts his olive branch. 

In fact, things could get worse if Jamie insists on amending things with his brother before he’s ready. 

Fans could potentially see their feud turn violent and result in Danny’s arrest, which wouldn’t be a new scene as he had been previously arrested. 

Viewers also shared their concern for the brothers on social media, this included @nkotbsb98fan who wrote: “This is gonna be interesting we haven’t seen Danny & Jamie beef since season 9 ep.14.”

@megspptc added: “Danny & Jamie not making up by the end of the episode just feels weird but I’m loving where this story is going. 13 years in the making. Can’t wait for more.”

@RPopBox anticipated: “For a moment there I thought Danny & Jamie would let their fists do the talking.”

A fourth fan @aclarkcountry remarked: “Danny doesn’t care about Jamie’s rank.”

Blue Bloods season 13 will return to CBS on Friday, December 2. A UK release date has yet to be announced.


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