‘Booked the XL one' Mum orders £4,500 Uber to Ukraine after double pink gins and sambuca


Luckily, the mum-of-two had insufficient funds in her bank so was saved from forking out the hefty sum, despite Uber reportedly trying to take the payment nine times.

Leoni Fildes, from Greater Manchester, was out celebrating her friend’s birthday on Saturday, March 5 when the group began discussing the war in Ukraine.

She was asked if her boyfriend, who is in the military, might be forced to fight if the UK entered the war and she claimed that if he did, she would go with him.

Ms Fildes said she had already drank a few pink gins and shots of sambuca before deciding to book the Uber to the conflict zone.

She then attempted to order the car, which was going to cost an estimated £4,578, as she had opted for the more expensive UberXL option with extra legroom.
Thankfully she was saved from her drunken impulse when she was told she had insufficient funds on the app.

The following morning, she had forgotten about the drunken blunder until she started having “flashbacks” after her bank called to warn about fraudulent activity on her card.

The 34-year-old said Uber had repeatedly tried to take the payment and has questioned what would have happened if she had embarked on the risky journey.

She’s now happy there wasn’t enough money in her account to afford the fare.

Ms Fildes said: “I’m 34 – I should know better.

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She added: “Normally, Uber allow a trip in advance but they’ve recently stopped it so I was lucky.

“I remember when we were looking, we said: “Oh, we’ll get the comfort one. That’s dearer – the XL one.”

An Uber spokesperson said: “We can confirm that no trip requests were successfully made in this instance. We are looking into this further to understand what happened.”


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