Boris Johnson ‘throwing red meat to racist voters’ with Rwanda plan says critic


The Prime Minister has defended the scheme, under which the first seven men are due to be flown to the east African country tonight, while the Home Office processes their applications. Mr Johnson vowed that the Government would “deliver” on its plan, which is supposed to deter asylum seekers from illegally entering the UK, such as by dangerously crossing the English Channel in small boats from France. However, the Church of England and human rights organisations have lambasted the scheme to send those seeking refuge in Britain thousands of miles away.

“This is possible. The block is our Government that is determined to use immigrants for political gain. To throw red meat to racist voters.

“But the reality is that the majority of people in this country do not support this deal.”

The campaigner’s remarks were swiftly rebutted by newsreader Annita McVeigh, who said that “some people who support the removal of migrants would say that they are absolutely not racist”.

Ms Doyle also claimed Britain is obligated to help asylum seekers as it has historically contributed to the crises in some of the nations they are fleeing from.

She said: “The reality is that the number of people claiming asylum in the UK as a whole has been either stable or going down for years.

“There is no one single solution to the global migration crisis.

“But doing nothing is not an option and this partnership will help break the business model of criminal gangs and prevent loss of life.

“Rwanda is a fundamentally safe and secure country with a track record of supporting asylum seekers and we are confident the agreement is fully compliant with all national and international law.”

However, critics of the scheme have highlighted the human rights record of Rwanda.

Rwanda signed another agreement with Israel from 2014 to 2017 that was similar to its new partnership with the UK.

However, that scheme was deemed to have failed after most of the 4,000 detainees who were sent to the country left to head to Europe.


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