Brand New Cherry Flavor sex scene causes Netflix viewers to 'switch off': 'Don't watch!'


Brand New Cherry Flavour first landed on Netflix in August 2021 but only recently gained a huge amount of attention from viewers across the world. This came after a Tiktok user went viral for highlighting its bizarre sex scene which caused viewers to switch off the series.

Although Brand New Cherry Flavour hit the screens last summer, many have been drawn to the American horror series in recent weeks thanks to a Tiktok fad.

The users have been challenging each other to watch the show’s fourth episode and blind react to a shocking sex scene.

As a result, the trend gained traction with thousands of people sharing their own reactions and switching off the show.

The horror flick gives viewers an insight into the dark, gothic tale of Hollywood.

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Brand New Cherry Flavour followed Liza Nova (played by Rose Salazar), a young Brazilian director whose work caught the attention of American producer Lou Burke (Eric Lange).

Having freshly moved to Hollywood, Liza met with Lou who promised to break her into the business.

As well as enticing her with industry talk, he was also extra touchy-feely which Liza found uncomfortable and often swatted away his hand.

She soon discovered he was a fraud after stealing her film and putting his name on it.

She then invited her lover Roy Hardaway (Jeff Ward) for a hookup but he then stuck his entire hand into the wound which strangely aroused Liza.

In whats depicted as a sex scene, Roy continued to stroke her stomach in the exact spot the kitten emerged from, which also seem to turn him on.

As a result, he then threw her onto the bed and they both had sex.

Naturally, this caught viewers completely off guard which led Tiktok user Cody to become one of the first people to highlight the scene on the platform.

She urged other users to watch the episode at their own risk and share their reaction, as it only had to be seen to be believed.

However, many instantly regretted feeding into their curiosity and warned others not to watch as they wouldn’t be the same.

One viewer took to the comments to advise others and wrote: “DO NOT WATCH! I repeat DO NOT WATCH!! Why the heck was it moist!!!! And the sound.”

Another added they wouldn’t do “anything anyone tells me to do on TikTok ever again”.

Brand New Cherry Flavour is available on Netflix


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