Braverman masterminds Brexit plan to destroy Truss leadership moments after announcement


As the Conservative leadership contest hotted today with Home Secretary Priti Patel expected to declare her candidacy, Ms Braverman moved to ensure she was seen as the “Brexiteer leadership candidate.”

The announcement by Ms Braverman was also aimed at making Brexiteers think twice about supporting Ms Truss whose campaign was launched this morning.

Yesterday, in a sign that the contest is getting more prickly, Ms Braverman also took a pop at a fellow Brexiteer Penny Mordaunt over her support for trans issues and attempts to keep the word “woman” out of a maternity bill last year.

In a move to shore up support on the right of the party, she declared that she would amend the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill to set VAT, excise, and the regulation of medicines directly under UK law from day one.

The changes would also to set us on a path to remove fresh EU law flowing into Northern Ireland, thereby restoring full UK sovereignty to Northern Ireland.

Ms Braverman said: “The Northern Ireland Protocol was never meant to be a permanent solution.

“As Prime Minister I would make the changes to the NIP Bill that I’ve been arguing for within government, to make it fully compliant with UK sovereignty.” 

She went on: “That means from day one after the Bill becomes law, the EU would have no more say over VAT and Excise in Northern Ireland and no say in our regulation of medicines.

“After my changes, UK law – and tax rates – would apply directly. 

“The current Bill allows dynamic EU law to flow into Northern Ireland forever. That is not compliant with UK sovereignty and it’s not compliant with Brexit. 

“The Bill is a necessary corrective to the damaging Northern Ireland Protocol, but it needs to go further to bring back social and political stability to Northern Ireland and to preserve the Union.”

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