Brexit Britain revels in trade opportunities with countries ‘queuing up’ to clinch deals


The International Trade Secretary has been on a trip to the United States to engage in formal trade talks and is due to travel to Canada on Thursday to discuss what she calls ‘Canada 2.0’. Speaking to The Sun, Ms Trevelyan said: “People are queuing up wanting to do trade deals with it, which I find very encouraging.

“We do ourselves down, the rest of the world thinks the UK is amazing and they want to work with a trusted partner.”

The trade minister is planning to clinch a deal which would open up trading by removing red tape enabling British corporations to access profitable contracts with Canada.

Ms Trevelyan said that Canada is at the top of her list for trade deals and noted that as a result, Brits will be able to buy cheaper products such as maple syrup and Canadian whiskey in shops.

She said: “There will be some chunky stuff in there to discuss, which will be good and they’re really up for it.

“That’s why they’re top of my pile because they’ve really leaned in and said we want to move to the next phase. Ok you’re on.”

“It’ll just be lovely to be the person who moves us into that next stage.”

Ms Trevelyan resolved the issue of steel and aluminium tariffs with the US in Washington on Tuesday after meeting with Commerce Secretary Raimondo.

The US announced the removal of section 232 tariffs effective in June, which will reopen tariff free access for UK steel and aluminium exporters to the United States.

The International Trade Secretary said: “Today’s announcement is good news for our steel and aluminium industries who have been unfairly hit by these tariffs, and the 80,000 people employed across the sector.

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Ahead of her visit to the United States, Ms Trevelyan said: “The US is our closest and most important economic ally and this visit is a golden opportunity to turbocharge our thriving trade and investment relationship.”

Trade talks between Britain and Israel are hoped to take place in the summer to secure a deal by Christmas and the UK is in the concluding stages of joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Atlantic Partnership (CPTPP).

The trade partnership includes Australia, Japan, Singapore and Canada and deals with £8.4 trillion of trade.

It is reported that ministers are hopeful that Britain’s application will be completed by the end of the year which will blow open trade opportunities for post-Brexit Britain.


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