Britons to ‘work until they drop’ – pension warning as young workers urged to act now


    Lynn Nicholls of the Norfolk Broads PAIN (Pension Action in Norfolk) Pension Group spoke to in an exclusive interview and encouraged younger people to get started on contributing towards their retirement as soon as possible. The group aims to raise awareness for the next generation of the importance of pension saving.

    The group has previously campaigned on behalf of 1950s women, who have often struggled after sudden changes to their state pension age left their retirement plans in disarray.

    However, they are now looking to shift their focus to helping younger savers take the right steps in order to avoid problems with their own pensions in the future.

    Ms Nicholls said: “When we first started, we were really fighting for ourselves, but as the years have gone on, we’ve realised that we’re not fighting for ourselves anymore. We’re fighting for our children and grandchildren.”

    She expressed her concern that if nothing is done to raise awareness and help people save effectively for their retirement, the impact in years to come could be devastating for another generation of Britons.

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    “That was really the highlight of the day for me, because we’ve actually done what we set out to do and informed those that are coming after us so that they don’t have the same problems that we’re now getting.”

    Ms Nicholls was keen to stress that although in the past the group have campaigned on behalf of women who have been hit particularly hard by a range of pension problems, they are committed to paving the way for both young men and women in the future.

    “I think it’s just about raising awareness for those of follow more than anything, not just women, men as well,” she said.

    Due to the success of The Norfolk Broads PAIN pension group, they have now been able to provide support to people who are struggling and have nowhere else to turn.

    Ms Nicholls said: “Our group are a really good group. They’re really strong women and we do support people that are in trouble.

    “So that’s one thing that’s come out of it. When we started the group, we never realised how it would develop into something that’s going to support and help other women. So that’s a nice part of it.”

    They have even helped to give financial support to those who are in desperate need, such as Lynne, who had been unable to buy food or pay her bills.

    Ms Nicholls said: “Women like Lynne haven’t got anything to fall back on, so as soon as we found out, we had a whip round and helped her out a little bit.

    “It’s good that we can do that because when we started the group one of our main aims to link people in that were all in the same boat. Because we’ve done that, we’re able to reach out and help when people need it.”

    The fight is still ongoing on from groups such as The Norfolk Broads PAIN pension group, as well as Women Against State Pension Inequality in an effort to secure compensation for women who have been impacted by changes to the state pension age and other issues.

    Ms Nicholls believes it is time to pivot and start thinking about how they can affect positive change for the next generation.

    She said: “I think the time has come to stop harping on about that. If we get compensation it’ll be a bonus but it’s time to look to the future and try to make a change for those that follow us.”

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