Brits to bask in 20C sunshine as Spanish plume sends temperatures rocketing across UK


The BBC Weather meteorologist said more sunshine and warm temperatures are on the way after the UK recorded the hottest day of the year so far, with thermometers hitting 20C in Kinlochewe. Louise Lear said conditions will grow warmer still as the week progresses thanks to a weather front moving in from Spain, bringing persistent sunshine and above-average temperatures. Ms Lear said: “There’s still going to be quite a brisk wind today, and it may well feed a little more cloud across North Sea coasts and down to the southwest as well.

“Maybe by the end of the day we might get a few isolated showers across East Anglia in particular, so not quite as warm today potentially.

“Top temperatures 8C or 9C in those exposed coasts but we’re looking around 11C to 13C in the best of the sunshine.

“The area of cloud is a bit of low pressure that just drifts its way northwards through the North Sea overnight and if it just encompasses that east coast, it will bring more cloud, maybe the odd spot or two of light rain.

“But it will stay relatively clear for many and relatively cold, temperatures just below freezing. For the next few days, it’s an improving story.”

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She continued: “We keep this dry, settled theme and it’ll start to become much warmer.

“That area of low pressure may just clip the far east of Scotland on Monday, a little bit of low cloud easing away.

Dry, settled, and sunny for many and we may start to see some more warmth building – 16C not out of the question as we move through Monday.

“And then it’s set to get warmer still.”

“In fact, we could see temperatures in the mid to high teens, maybe one or two spots could see 20C across England and Wales. 

“These kinds of temperatures, for some of us, are eight to nine degrees above where they should be at this time of year.”

However, the BBC’s long-range forecast suggests the warm conditions may be followed by a cold snap in the early days of April.

A wet and windy pattern is expected to build up to go along milder weather, with high pressure in the North Atlantic slowly building towards Northern Europe.


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