Campervans offer 'freedom' – but warning issued as demand for motorhomes soars in UK


    The study, from Admiral Insurance, found that almost half of drivers (45 percent) would like to own a campervan or motorhome. This comes as many Brits feel more comfortable with a staycation this year, with more than one third confessing to feeling safer staying in the UK this summer because of Covid.


    More than half of drivers (53 percent) were also attracted to the ability to travel around the country easily.

    Drivers also responded saying that it would be more practical and comfortable than a tent.

    Other responses included being able to camp in interesting places (40 percent) and it being cheaper than paying for a hotel or B&B (36 percent).

    Clare Egan, Head of Motor Product at Admiral, said: “Our research shows the people feel more comfortable staying in the UK this summer for a break, rather than travelling abroad.


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    “With the continued rise in staycations, we’ve also seen a rise in interest to own a motorhome or campervan because of the sense of freedom and endless possibility to explore different parts of the UK.”

    As more Brits show interest in owning a motorhome or campervan, Admiral are warning potential customers that it will depend on a number of factors.

    To drive a motorhome with a maximum authorised mass (MAM) of between 3,500kg and 7,500kg, motorists will need a category C1 licence.

    The average weight of a campervan is around 3,500kg.

    If motorists passed their driving tests after 1997, they may need to take an extra test to qualify.

    The Admiral survey found that 63 percent of Brits felt confident getting behind the wheel of a motorhome or campervan, despite the much bigger size compared to a standard car.

    Speed limits on UK roads also differ depending on the size of the vehicle and can be lower for those weighing more than 3,500kg.

    On a dual carriageway, the speed limit for motorhomes over 3,500kg is 60mph.

    The speed limit for a vehicle over this weight on a single carriageway is 50mph.

    More than a quarter of drivers said they would feel nervous about parking a motorhome or campervan, with 18 percent saying they had never parked something as big as that before. 

    Admiral is advising drivers to practice driving a campervan or motorhome before they set off for a long journey, to ensure they are confident when driving such a big vehicle.

    This warning comes as the research uncovered that 32 percent of motorhome or campervan owners have been in an accident while driving their campervan.

    One in three of those were classed as a ‘big’ accident – meaning the vehicle was severely damaged.

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