Children delighted as they learn quick way to earn 'hard cash' from DVDs and games


    Mum Donna, and dad John are avid collectors, with mountains of memorabilia piled everywhere. Their daughter Jasmine said: “I hardly go in the living room, there’s too much clutter,” with their son George laughing “If we ask our parents to clear stuff out, we’d probably be grounded.”

    “We don’t even have a WII, why do we have this? Dad probably just got it.”

    As well as Jasmine and George selling their DVD’s and games, Donna and John went to a vintage dealer to sell their unwanted collectibles.

    Altogether, the family made £88 of hard cash from these items that they never used and decluttered their house in the process.

    At the end of the programme, the family were completely shocked with how neat, organised and spacious their house had become thanks to the renovation, as well as some tough choices concerning which items to bin.

    For example, water bottles from celebrity concerts, personalised mugs, cork screws, piles of boxes everywhere, and clothes hanging from curtain rails. The kitchen was filled with Christmas decorations, random electric bits in boxes and old cake boards.

    The family have found it hard to let go of items that bring back memories as when George was born, he had a very rare skin condition that initially no doctor could diagnose.

    Donna said: “We went to a specialist, and he said ‘yes so I know what it is’. Worst case scenario would be he would never walk, or never talk, the chances were he wouldn’t live. So, everything we did, I kind of kept, making as many memories as possible with George just in case.

    “We went out of our to make sure if he wasn’t with us for long, he had the best life.”

    After treatment at Great Ormond Street Hospital, George’s condition is now well managed, however over the last 16 years the treasuring of memories snowballed, and the family held onto everything due to habit.

    Thankfully, they are able to start fresh thanks to Mr Knowles and his team. They have a fully renovated house with less clutter and have learnt some tips to save money and sell their unwanted items.

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