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Choosing a Word of the Year: Top Themes of 2022


Resilience, acceptance and hope. Many of the words reflected a desire to recover from difficult times, including adapt, intention, accept, commit, embrace, immerse, purpose, hopeful, consistency and optimism.

Some of you are cheering. Joyful words were popular, including cheer, delicious, delight, cartwheel, enjoy, enthusiasm, exuberance, ebullient, fun, gladden, happiness, harmony, laugh, joy, laughter, passion, playful, pleasure and positive.

Others are hoping for quiet. Your words included calm, chill, contemplate, gentle, grounded, introspective, listen, mindful, peace, patience, balance, center, anchor, peace and reflect.

Many of you found strength in your word. Words of persistence and determination were common, including bravery, courage, confidence, daring, dauntless, determined, endurance, intrepid, fearless, fierce, gumption, strength and overcome.

For some, your word focused on doing good. Many of you want 2022 to be about kindness: care, charity, compassion, devotion, empathy, forgiveness, generosity, giving, help and love.

While many others are hoping for a do-over. Words that start with “re” were especially popular, including reboot, rebuild, rebound, recharge, reclaim, recalibrate, reconcile, recover, renew, redemption, refocus, reframe, refresh, relaunch, reorient, repair, repurpose, revise and re-evaluate.

Thanks to everyone for contributing! In the coming weeks, I hope to share more of your words of the year and your inspiring comments in this newsletter.

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