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Classic Jensen Interceptor restored by Wheeler Dealers Mike Brewer has sold for £20,000

The model featured on series 7, episode 1 of the show in 2010 with hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China getting stuck in with a range of extensive repairs. The car was found with significant rust in the passenger footwell while the car’s leather interior needed a refit.

Its original paperwork, build sheets and specification details were all found by Mike Brewer on the show are also included as part of the sale.

However, Car and Classic admitted the vehicle’s exterior is where “most work is needed”.

They warn the car’s lower door, rear arches and rear hatch under the glass are now all showing signs of corrosion.

The rear arches are bubbling with Car and Classic warning this will need expert repair work to fully fix.

Specialists warn the car would ideally need to be taken back to its bare metal, repaired and repainted to bring it back to its best.

Experts at Car and Classic said: “Be assured, it would be worth the effort.

“The car’s core structure looks to be solid, the bulkhead is free of rot as are the floors.

“The B pillars are solid, the inner wings too. It’s just the outer panelwork that needs attention.

“Despite the issue highlighted, this Jensen still presents well, with a certain stoic dignity.

“It’s all there, the glass, chrome and lights are good, the wheels could do with a polish, but it’s still a damn fine looking machine.”

Car and Classic said the Jensen Interceptor was an “aspirational classic” for many drivers with values rapidly increasing.

The car was once a fairly cheap GT car but now prices can compare with exotic supercars such as Ferrari.

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