Cleaning: How to clean your fridge and stop it smelling – use baking soda and more

Cleaning your fridge can sometimes be difficult as you don’t want to use anything that will rub off in your food. Therefore, natural ingredients like baking soda are best when cleaning a fridge.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to clean your fridge is to use baking soda.

Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with hot water so that it creates a thick paste.

Wipe the interior of the fridge with the mixture and a cloth, before rinsing it with a damp cloth and drying it with a clean towel.

This will leave your fridge sparkling clean but also eliminate any odours.


Consumer advice group Which? has also shared advice on what to do if your fridge still smells after cleaning it.

If there is a lingering smell, Which? recommended taking a look at the drip tray or the condensation drain pipe, which could be full of gunk.

These are located at the back of the fridge and it is important to switch the fridge off before cleaning them.

To clean the tray, a mixture of baking soda and water is again recommended, but you may need to follow the instructions that came with your fridge to unblock the pipe – or call a plumber.

Smells could also be coming from your fridge’s water dispenser, and this may need changing.

Again, follow your fridge brand’s specific instructions which will tell you how to do this.

However, Which? explained that prevention is better than cure, and keeping your food stored properly should be the first thing you do to avoid your fridge smelling bad.

To do this, keep food in its packaging to contain to help reduce crumbs and spills.

Additionally, use sealed containers for storing leftovers and make sure that condiments are stored correctly.

Which? noted that not all condiments need to be kept in the fridge, as tomato ketchup and brown sauce can be stored in the cupboard.

Being aware of which food belongs where also reduces odours.

The upper shelves in a fridge are warmer than those at the bottom, so it is worth placing foods in the zone that best suits them.

Meat and fish should be on the colder bottom shelf, while cooked food and cream cakes can go on the top shelf.

Dairy and eggs are best kept in the middle of the fridge.

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