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‘Come up brand new!’ Mrs Hinch fans share 9p hack for cleaning oven racks


Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, garnered popularity after sharing her cleaning tips and recommendations on social media and TV. The cleaning enthusiast has managed to gain over 4.1 million followers on Instagram over the years. Now, fans of hers have created their own social media groups dedicated to sharing their favourite cleaning tips.

On one of the groups, a user asked how to clean grease from her oven racks.

She posted: “Hey guys, new to the group, I’m renting a house and the racks in the oven must have years of cooked on grease.

“I’ve tried the Pink Stuff, Cif, vinegar and baking soda, and lemon juice and washing up liquid, and washing powder and bleach and Oven Brite and I just can’t get anything to get it off.

“Please can you guy suggest any other thing that will work I will try anything!”

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A third said: “Have you tried a dishwasher tablet rubbed on neat then put in bath with a few more to soak overnight?”

A fourth penned: “Put them into a giant tub or the bath.

“Run the hot water and add in four dishwasher tablets.

“Leave them for about four hours, and then check them.

“They will come up with a scrubber like brand new.”

Another person similarly said: “Soak in the bath with dishwasher tablets.

“If you don’t have any, you can use oxidation powder like stain remover (rinse well).

“Any stubborn marks will come off with a soap Brillo pad.

“I did my oven with just the Brillo pads the other day and now it’s gleaming again.”

A fellow user suggested the same: “You could try filling a large tub with hot water, put a couple of dishwasher tablets in and let them dissolve, then leave racks submerged overnight.

“Next day use a Brillo pad to remove anything that is left. Worked a treat for me.”

You can buy 30 All-in-One Original Dishwasher Tablets from ASDA for just £2.65 which works out at just under 9p per tablet.

Wilko also sell 40 all-in-one dishwasher tablets for £3.

Other users shared a slightly different technique when using the dishwasher tablets in the bath.

“Wrap the oven racks completely in foil put in a big plastic box or the bath, and cover with hot water,” one person said.

“Put a dishwasher tablet on top of the foil and leave overnight. Works really well!”

Another commented: “Put towels in the bath, fill up a bit and put a couple of dishwasher tables in – spotless!”

Some users recommended using fabric conditioner instead of dishwasher tablets.

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