‘Comes up gleaming!’- Mrs Hinch fans share ‘brilliant’ tips to tackle grease on cooker


    Cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, rose to fame on social media, with more than four million followers to date. Her clever hacks have helped thousands of people adopt an effective cleaning routine.

    A third person posted: “Hot soapy water and a good buff with a dry microfibre. I made the mistake of using sprays and ruined my cooker, so replaced it and now I will only use soapy water, but it’s stayed perfect and if it’s too greasy for soap try a little shaving foam (not gel).”

    A fourth online user advised: “A drop of neat washing up liquid. Rub in, then wipe with a damp cloth. Buff dry with a soft cloth. No smears.”

    Another person posted: “I use Koh cleaner with a microfibre cloth for everything, it’s brilliant.”

    One person advised: “I would steam clean it if you have a handheld one, they are just brilliant, then a fibre cloth and window cleaner.”

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    While another group member offered: “Use a stainless-steel cleaner, spray it on your rag and buff with another microfibre rag. It helps mine when I clean it, I just use warm water and dawn dish soap.”

    One online user posted: “Wipe with wet cloth and Zoflora. Dry with green Minky glass cloth. Streak free every time.”

    “I use Elbow Grease and kitchen towels,” commented another.

    Another group member suggested using Pink Stuff paste.

    One person posted: “I use Dettol and kitchen roll after every use, comes up gleaming.”

    Describing their technique, another online user said: “Washing up liquid and hot water. Give it a good scrub with a non-scratch scourer and dry with a microfibre cloth and quickly as possible – one section at a time.”

    Another person suggested using baby oil to remove the grease.

    “I use Mr Muscle glass cleaner and buff with a cloth,” said another.

    While one person posted: “I use Dettol spray then a light wipe of oil to make it shine.”

    Dettol Surface Cleanser can be purchased from tesco for £1.15.

    One person suggested using “neat Lenor”.

    Another person added: “I use a bit of washing liquid on a damp cloth then dry with a tea towel straight away.”

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