Cornwall water row: UK tourists told to 'bring their own' on holiday over shortage fears


Angry Cornish people have hit out at the influx of tourists and holidaymakers to their home town – which is a top UK holiday destination – after South West Water pleaded with them to save water where possible in preparation for the influx of tourists. Residents have been urged to cut down on water usage by avoiding baths, using a hose pipe and keeping a jug of water in the fridge in the hope there will be “enough water for everyone to enjoy”.

South West Water issued the warning after reservoir levels reached the lowest point since 1995.

But fuming residents in Cornwall suggested holidaymakers were using all the water and should bring their own when visiting.

One told Cornwall Live: “How about [visitors] bring their own water and keep the water here for the locals.


“At least the holidaymakers can go home to a full reservoir, while we struggle to keep hydrated because they’ve used it all.”

Another said they would rather “have water than visitors”.

They said: “So as well as the hassle we have during the summer months. Now you want us to restrict our water usage so people can enjoy their holiday. What about our everyday life?

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It comes as the Met Office extended its amber warning for extreme heat to cover Tuesday next week as forecasters believe there is a 30 per cent chance the mercury could pass the current UK record of 38.7C (101.7F), set in Cambridge in 2019.

The warning for exceptionally high temperatures for much of England and Wales is now in place from Sunday until the end of Tuesday, with the hot spell expected to peak on Monday or Tuesday.

This has prompted water suppliers to urge residents to save water, and not waste it.

South West Water urged residents in Cornwall to try and save five litres per day to maintain the levels of reservoirs, blaming the drought on soaring temperatures and a rising number of visitors.

SWW director responsible for water resources Lisa Gahan said: “It’s been very dry over the last 12 months and while reservoir levels are good, we have had lots of dry spells.

“More people are coming down on holiday and more people are living here. We just want to make sure there’s enough water for everyone to enjoy.”

A spokesperson added: “We closely monitor our reservoirs all-year round to ensure we have enough water for all our customers and up to 10 million additional users as people come to enjoy the beautiful South West over the summer months.

“We always ask customers to think about their water usage to not just help save water but also help keep bills down.

“On average, a person uses 150 litres of water a day, and if every one of our customers saved just five litres a day, that would total 10 million litres saved.”

Around 200,000 holidaymakers visit Cornwall each day during the summer months.


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