Countryfile viewers fume over roadkill pie segment 'Scraping the bottom of the barrel!'


Matt Baker and Margherita Taylor spent Sunday’s Countryfile sampling the various pies on offer in Melton Mowbray. The presenters were treated to some unusual fillings as well the infamous pork pie including squirrel pie and roadkill pie but BBC viewers weren’t pleased with the rarer offerings. 

Margherita explained: “Today, the Melton Mowbray pork pie is one of 96 geographically protected foods thought to be worth £6billion in export value to the UK but there’s money to be made from exotic pies too.” 

The Countryfile host met with Kath and Phil Walmsley who have an award-winning food business. 

Detailing the more adventurous flavours they offer, Kath said: “Kangaroo pie, camel pie, crocodile pie.

“The main one that’s got the most interest is the squirrel pie which we entered into the British Pie Awards and we got a gold for that.”

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“Was that something you found in an old recipe book from a time it was eaten in the past?” Margherita questioned.

“No, not at all,” Kath replied. “We didn’t give that any thought at all.

“We got some oven-ready squirrels from a farmers market just because I’d never seen them before and thought, ‘I’ll do something with these,’ and they ended up going in a pie.

“I just wanted to step out of the box a bit with what I was making.”

“#countryfile We will all be living on squirrel pie if the cost of living goes much higher,” @drink_the_wind joked.

@SebastianTomCat wrote: “At last! thankfully a light-hearted episode this evening, slaughtering animals for pies #countryfile.”

“#Countryfile Yuk that’s enough to put me off eating anything that’s called Roadkill Pie,” @susie_retro remarked.

@MomoMcLean shared: “Squirrel pie and roadkill pie on #Countryfile tonight – seriously?! Utterly gross. Why give these people airtime? #BBCCountryfile @BBCCountryfile.”


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