Cryptocurrency 'rewrites the retirement rulebook' as workers shun pension contributions


    Additionally, Rico Cachucho, a Partner at Hoxton Capital Management, said: “It is just a matter of time until crypto assets become a greater part of the pension landscape, and the wait is not too far away.

    “Investment consultants, the gatekeepers that advise pension schemes on where to invest billions of pounds of assets, have begun taking a closer look at bitcoin following its recent surge in value.

    “Many have also seen a correlation in the influx of queries from clients who have been watching its rise from the side lines.”

    All this demand appears to have caught the eye of the FCA, which in recent weeks shared plans to tackle investment harm and educate investors. Within a three year strategy, the regulator aims to enable consumers to make effective investment decisions.

    The FCA explained: “We want to see a consumer investment market in which consumers can invest with confidence, understanding the risks they are taking and the regulatory protections provided.

    “We do not want to restrict consumers if they want to invest, but we do want them to be able to access and identify investments that suit their circumstances and attitude to risk. Key to this is ensuring that consumers can get the advice or support they need, that they only access higher risk investments knowingly and that they are protected from scams.

    “When things go wrong, as they sometimes will, we want consumers to know how to seek compensation and for the cost of redress to be met by firms in a fairer and more sustainable way.”

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