‘Danger to our country’ Gary Neville demands Boris quit immediately after war in Ukraine


The Prime Minister has faced both internal and foreign pressure as the Ukraine crisis has unfolded, having come hot on the heels from the Partygate scandal, several MPs have now changed their tune and rescinded their letters of no-confidence. Speaking on Sky News to the presenter Beth Rigby, Mr Neville suggested Mr Johnson should continue focussing on the Ukraine-Russia war but that he should resign “the second after this crisis is over”.

The former Manchester United captain said: “At this point of time, he should be focussed completely on doing his job of supporting the British Government in making sure that everything that needs to happen in Ukraine happens.

“However, the second after this crisis is over or subsides, he needs to leave because he is a danger to our country.

“He has got zero credibility in Europe and around the world.

“We need a Government that can build relationships and standards.”

Mr Neville’s comments come as Minister for Brexit Opportunities, Jacob Rees-Mogg, dismissed the “trivial” partygate scandal as “fluff” in the wake of the “evil” ongoing war with Ukraine.

He said: “All of that is shown up for the disproportionate fluff of politics that it was, rather than something of fundamental seriousness about the safety of the world and about the established global order.

“This I think resets politics in a fundamental way. Because we are now thinking – and Covid was part of this too – how do we deal with the difficult choices that have to be made.

“When we look back in 36 years at Partygate, people will think what were they on about?

“Why were they doing that when they were passing from COVID and dealing with that to Russia and Ukraine.

“And yet they were distracted by whether or not the Prime Minister spent five minutes in his own garden, or 25 minutes or whatever it is… But you see, one quickly can’t remember the precise amounts of times because it is fundamentally trivial.”

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“We’ve seen it for the last two years. This guy lacks integrity.

“He lies to us constantly. The mistruths that come out of Number 10 are just constant.

“Not only that but he’s the worst kind of leader.

“Someone who expects his team to go under with him and come out and lie for him. His ministers and his MPs are constantly forced to do that and enough is enough.”


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