Daniil Medvedev hits out at court scheduling and Tsitsipas toilet break rule at Aus Open


Medvedev also explained his issue with the toilet break restrictions during the match, continuing: “And then what happened after the first set is the new rules — which I really like about the toilet break, if you go just to the toilet three minutes, if you change five minutes. I really like it, at least it’s some timing where you know how much is it.

“The thing is that I know that in the 35 heat, when you’re playing in the sun, I’m gonna want to change after two sets because you’re gonna get wet, I’m gonna want to change my shorts, underneath my shorts, my socks, my shoes. You need like good four minutes to do it, and my body wanted to pee after the first set.

“So I don’t see any logic in these rules, so hence I can call this stupid, that I cannot — so the rule is that if you use all your toilet breaks, you can go still pee in the one minute that they have for the change of ends or whatever. So I asked the referee and the supervisor, Can I now run to pee in the 1:30 that I have between the sets to then be able to change and still have one change left if there is a fifth set, because I will need to change again, it’s freaking 35 degrees,” he explained.

“No, it has to count. Yeah, but I want to do it in 1:30 that I have to change and just don’t count it. I’m going to change after and it’s gonna count.

“Yeah, that’s nonsense, so I got, as you can see, pretty mad about it and I think what happened afterwards was a consequence. I’m really sorry to Maxime about it.”


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