Drivers can de-ice their car windscreen in seconds by pressing one button inside the car


Experts at Driving Test Success warn drivers can clear cover by simply activating their car windscreen fan. Turning this to max will cause the ice to melt instantly, meaning drivers do not need to stand in the cold this winter.

In a social media TikTok video, Driving Test Success said drivers can then turn the fan to normal once the windscreen was clear.

The captions said: “Frozen windscreen? Put the temperature on high.

“Put the front windscreen fan on max.

“The ice will start to melt from the heat.

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The AA has also encouraged road users to “turn on the warm air blower” and “heated mirrors” to clear frost cover quickly.

They said: “Start the engine and turn on the warm air blower on the windscreen.

“Switch on the rear windscreen heater and heated mirrors, if you have them.

“Turn on the air-con. It’s not just for summer – it’ll remove moisture from the air to stop the car from misting up.

“Don’t use your hands to wipe misted-up windows – you’ll leave greasy smears and a diamond ring could scratch the glass. Use a lint-free absorbent cloth if necessary.

“Stay with your car the whole time while the engine’s running.”


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