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Drivers can use a simple household trick to 'take the brunt of the ice' on winter mornings


Experts at Nationwide Vehicle Contracts said covering the windscreen with an “old towel” could prevent frost from sticking, They said the towel would “take the brunt of the ice” meaning the windscreen “will be clear”.

Drivers can only benefit from this tip if they “plan ahead” and make preparations the night before a big freeze.

However, with temperatures dropping as we get closer to Christmas, it could be a good idea to get into a new daily habit of covering a vehicle up.

Nationwide Vehicle Contracts said: “If the temperature has dropped and you suspect it will be an icy morning when you wake, you can plan ahead to stop the frost on your car windows.

“You can achieve this by using an old towel and covering your windscreen.

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They said: “You can try putting a blanket or towel over the windscreen the night before, or do it the old fashioned way with an ice-scraper.”

Addressing a frosty windscreen the night before could also save drivers time dealing with the issue in the morning when it is likely to be colder and you’re more in a rush.

Data from MoreThan shows 30 percent of drivers spend more than five minutes a morning de-icing their windscreen.

This means drivers could be wasting almost half an hour a week trying to clear a vehicle.

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