Early symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis: The six warning signs of MS


    Tingling and numbness

    Because MS affects the spinal cord and central nervous system, you can notice a lack of sensation when you touch things or a tingling sensation caused by nerve damage.

    This is most commonly noticed first in the legs, arms, fingers and face. It might even feel like a burning sensation.

    Muscle spasms

    Involuntary muscle movements are common with MS, as well as stiffness in some muscles.

    For people who have severe MS symptoms, some muscles can become so rigid they can no longer bend.

    Chronic fatigue

    People with MS can develop chronic fatigue as a result of nerve damage in the spinal cord, affecting the legs most noticeably at first.

    Again, MS affects people very differently. Some may have periods of fatigue, others will have chronic fatigue and some only notice it intermittently.

    Balance problems or dizziness

    People with MS can be more at risk of developing conditions such as vertigo, where you feel as though everything around you is spinning.

    MS can also affect your balance, especially as you stand up from sitting down.

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