EU at ‘huge risk’ after ‘failure’ sends Eastern neighbours ‘spiralling out of control’


Referencing the war in Ukraine, the leading academic highlighted “the failure of the European Union to get on top of this, the tacit acceptance of the EU of illiberal neighbours, and the huge risk this runs”.

Belarus – a bedfellow of Russian President Vladimir Putin, which has been accused of hosting Russian forces to aid them in the unprovoked invasion of Ukraine – was unwilling to join the research programme.

Professor Hadfield noted: “Antagonists are very likely to be able to use – either tacitly or explicitly – individual regimes to their own ends.” As such, her team of researchers is proposing a “get real” policy for the EU when it comes to its neighbours.

She added: “The war in Ukraine – it’s a bittersweet thing to say – has actually helped this, because you have a material example of how bad things can get if you ignore it.”


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