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Expat: Brits in Valencia need paperwork 'everywhere' – 'no issue' for unvaccinated locals


Antoanetta Ivanova is an American expat living in Valencia, Spain. The jewellery designer has travelled widely including across the European country and has posted videos of her travels to her Youtube channel over the past year.

Currently in Valencia, she responded to questions about restrictions in the holiday hotspot.

“I got so many comments and questions and messages about the situation in Spain and what the restrictions are,” Antoanetta told viewers.

In the video, uploaded in early January, the jewellery designer said: “We have been wearing masks outside since the pandemic started.

“Recently it became mandatory again and they say they will keep the restrictions until the end of January.”

She detailed how proof of vaccination is if required to enter the country, but not for locals or currently unvaccinated expats to enjoy the popular outdoors areas of the region.

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However, she still claims the region is “strict” and it will required for locals, expats and holiday makers to carry proof of vaccination with them where they go.

She said: “Here (in Valencia) they are very strict and the cases are super low, but we’re still having a lot of restrictions,” she said.

“To visit the country you need your certificate of vaccination, your PCR tests and then everywhere you go, you would need that.

“If not, you just eat outside and enjoy the good weather.”

“Living in Mallorca and travelling in Mallorca are two different things,” she said.

“Mallorca is boring. Summer in Mallorca is totally different to winter in Mallorca.”

In summer the area “is full of people enjoying the sun, it’s very lively wherever you go,” she said.

“But in the winter, it’s pretty boring. It’s very quiet.”

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