Expert warns TikTok poses huge risk as it keeps 'very sensitive personal information'


She told the BBC: “We know that TikTok collects a lot of very sensitive personal information from Americans. We know that the Chinese government is interested in surveillance and propping it more broadly but we have just not seen specific examples of Tiktok being used as a propaganda vessel or a direct surveillance vessel so far.”

In response to the US ban of the app, TikTok told ABC News: “The ban of TikTok on federal devices was passed in December without any deliberation, and unfortunately that approach has served as a blueprint for other world governments. These bans are little more than political theatre.”

The type of data TikTok collects includes geolocation, your mobile phone contacts, biometrics, facial and voice data, explained Ms Chin.

She added that TikTok is also able to reveal who someone is, where they go on a daily basis, who they are in contact with, their interests and what they search for online.

Ms Chin said: “So TikTok poses privacy concerns for sure but it is not the only mobile app and banning TikTok would not solve the larger privacy problems within the US infrastructure.”

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