FBI boss delivers disappointing update on Amira fate amid midseason hiatus


FBI fans are eagerly awaiting season five’s return to see more from Special Agents Maggie Bell (played by Missy Peregrym) and Omar ’OA’ Adom Zidan (Zeeko Zaki) as they work to keep the streets of New York safe. As for OA’s sister, Amira Zidan’s (Cynthia Hamidi) potential comeback, bosses were not so hopeful. 

Throughout five seasons the team of highly skilled agents have worked together on life-threatening cases involving terrorism, organised crime and counterintelligence. 

As well as their professional lives the show also gave fans a glimpse into the agents’ personal lives, as their jobs often interfered with their families. 

This was the case for OA, whose younger sister, Amira was introduced in season one. 

As a student at university, she volunteered to help OA and Maggie with their investigation into a group of radicalised violent left-wing students.  

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During this episode, viewers learned Amira and OA had a strained relationship following the death of their father. 

As a result, OA acted more like a father, instead of a brother and was apprehensive about allowing Amira to help on the case. 

However, she proved to be useful as Amira helped the agents find the extreme political group and detonate a bomb they had planted. 

Towards the end of the episode, the siblings resolved their personal issues as OA told Amira he was proud of her bravery. 

During the season five episode, Victim, OA was mugged after he was manipulated by a woman who called out to him for help. 

When he approached her, she pulled him towards the wall so her boyfriend could rob him of his watch and wallet. 

Just before the incident took place, OA was speaking to Amira on the phone and provided fans with a highly anticipated update.

She had graduated from university and was officially in Grad school, although her new degree wasn’t revealed, OA mentioned she was still “strong-willed.”

Following the midseason finale last month, fans will only have to wait two more weeks for the return of season five.

Although episode 13 has yet to be released, CBS released an insightful synopsis. 

It read: “The team investigates the murder of a professional informant after he’s found dead outside an abandoned factory; Maggie reconnects with an old colleague and mentor.”

While the agents take on more investigation, fans will have to stay tuned to see what this reunion will mean for Maggie. 

FBI season 5 returns to CBS in the US on Tuesday, February 14. A UK release date has yet to be announced. 


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