'France and Germany keeping VERY quiet' Expert explains reason behind EU shame on Ukraine


Foreign affairs expert James Marlow explained that the EU is “meant to speak with one voice” but the bloc has been paralysed, despite the threat of imminent war. He told GB News that the silence from the EU is “deafening” because  Germany and France rely so heavily on Russia. 

Mr Marlow said: “We can see today, there is a massive great big split in the western world. How come?

“France and Germany are keeping very, very quiet about this.

“The EU – this great big bloc that we were once a part of – is supposed to speak with one voice.

“Where are they? The sound is deafening. They are not saying anything.”

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The geopolitical expert continued: “The Germans are a bit concerned that they might lose business out Russia – like the pipeline.

“Germany only has two percent of gas in its own country. Because it moves so fast, Germany is not ready for alternative energies.

“So it has to rely on Russia. France has the same issues.

“The Baltic states have been told by Germany that if they hand weapons the Germans gave them over to the Ukrainians, we will be totally against that.

Speaking to Sky News’ Trevor Phillips, Mr Prystaiko erupted at the German Government for preventing NATO allies from transporting weapons through the country.

He said that Germany could be relied upon to protect eastern Europe from Russia.

Estonia was blocked from providing military support to Ukraine after Germany refuses to issue permits for German-origin weapons to be exported.

While the US, UK and other NATO allies have offered support to Ukraine, Germany has so far declined.

On Saturday, Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said that Germany’s stance was “undermining unity” and “encouraging Vladimir Putin” amid fears of a Russian invasion.

This comes as tens of thousands of Russian troops continue to gather along the Ukrainian border.


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