Gardening TikTok hacks: Expert reveals whether popular TikTok gardening advice is true

Tomatoes video (@alana_bookhout on TikTok)

“Here’s my tomato hack. You crack an egg open a little bit and just put it down in the soil.

“Then I put a little dirt on top and the tomato plant right on top of where the egg is.”

While you might be tempted to try this hack out to achieve an impressive tomato harvest… please, don’t!

Kate said: “Cracking an egg and putting it in a planting hole isn’t necessary; it can even potentially attract rodents and maybe give out a bad smell too!

“To help your tomatoes grow, it’s much better to apply an organic liquid fertiliser such as Miracle-Gro Performance Organics All-Purpose Plant Food and switch to Levington Tomorite Concentrated Tomato food once fruits start to appear. You also need to make sure you water your plants regularly!

“People often mistakenly add eggshells when planting tomatoes thinking that it will provide a good source of calcium, which can help blossom end rot.

“However, by the time the calcium has broken down into the soil, the plant will have finished being productive.”

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