GB News: Tom Tugendhat to fight in TV debates as guest vows ‘I’d trust him with my life’


Following the elimination of the Attorney General Suella Braverman on Thursday, Mr Tugendhat is feeling the pressure to gain votes. The Former Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak is leading the race with 101 votes, followed by Penny Mordaunt with 83 and the Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on 64.

Unfortunately for Mr Tugendhat, he came fifth after Kemi Badenoch with 49 votes and he received only 32 votes while the Attorney General got 27.

However, the MP for Tonbridge and Malling and his team are adamant that he will fight his way through Friday and Sunday’s television debates and will gain votes.

A friend of the former soldier spoke about Mr Tugendhat’s race and said: “This was always all about getting to the debates.

“He is a very good public speaker. There are others who are less good.

“We are looking forward to the debates as we think that’s a good opportunity for Tom to shine in a natural environment and put the others under pressure.”

They added that Mr Tugendhat would be a “clean start” as the only candidate who is not in Government.

However, GB news host Dan Wootton questioned the MPs chances of success and accused him of losing “all momentum” while speaking to Mr Stanley.

The journalist replied: “He is the underdog. There are going to be debates and I’ve always felt with Tom that the more people get to meet him and hear from him, the more they’ll like him.

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“My support for him is not ideological…I think when you elect someone to be the Prime Minister, I don’t think it should be based purely on a sort of tick box and ‘do you agree with me on this position or that position’, really it should be judged upon character and experience.

“And in the case of Tom, I’ve known him personally for a long time, I trust him, he is someone I would trust with my life, my dog’s life and also with my country and even though I don’t agree with him on everything I think he does have that character and experience to do the job.”

He added: “I’m hoping that he will shine in these debates and given that it’s going to get a bit clogged up in the next few days, I think some MPs might start to think ‘have I made the right choice with Penny? Have I made the right choice with Rishi?’ and maybe he’ll attract a few more votes.

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“We’ll see how far he goes.”

Following the televised debates, voting will return on Monday and is set to continue until just two candidates are remaining.

These candidates will then be voted for by Tory members and the new leader of the Conservative Party and therefore the new Prime Minister is expected to be announced on September 5.


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