Germany's powerlessness against Russia without NATO revealed in graphic


Data about Germany’s military capacity came to light in an article published on WirtscchaftsWoche, proving how weak the country would be if it wasn’t backed by NATO. The comparison comes after the German Defence Minister has proposed the creation of an EU “army” in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, offering up troops from his country.

WiWo suggests that Germany wants to meet NATO’s 2 percent target in future and invest massively in equipping Bundeswehr, its national army.

The reason is that without NATO, Germany would hardly have anything to oppose the Russian aggressor.

Figures published by WiWo show how far the Bundeswehr lags behind Putin in terms of equipment, as well as how great its dependence on its alliance partners in NATO is.

The European country has 184,000 active soldiers while Russia’s human force accounts for 850,000 soldiers.

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