Glamorous Norwegian Royal opens up on father's suicide and gives insight into family life


The glamorous granddaughter of the King and Queen of Norway has given an in-depth and touching interview that provides an insight into her family life, as well as her relationship with her late father. Leah Isadora Behn, 17, daughter of Princess Martha Louise and Ari Behn, will be appearing at Le Bal des Débutantes on November 26, a debutante ball and fashion event held annually in Paris. Debutante balls bring together young women for their first presentation to high society, and will mark a departure for the young royal from her online presence, which has bagged her tens of millions of views across her TikTok, YouTube and Instagram pages. Ms Behn spoke of the pain of losing her father, who committed suicide on Christmas Day, 2019, and gave a rare behind-the-scenes glimpse into the Norwegian Royal Family.

Recently, King Harald and Queen Sonja appeared on British television screens when they attended Queen Elizabeth II’s State Funeral on September 19. The royal told Hola! magazine that when she was younger, she “wanted to be a princess”.

She added: “I didn’t understand that my mother was a real princess. Then, as I grew up, I wanted to be someone who inspired people, who helped them grow.”

Discussing her relationship with her family, Ms Behn said: “My family is very funny, loving, caring, supportive, happy… It’s real. Down-to-earth people. We are probably known by my mother’s title, but we are much more than that. I have two sisters, one younger than me and one older.

“My younger sister is a bit crazy and very intelligent and mature for her age. My older sister is bubbly. She’s very funny. And she loves reading poems, art.

“I’m a natural leader. That’s me. Also, I tend to be very protective of them and always stand up for them.”

When she announced that she would be attending Le Bal, she says her mother and her “jumped for joy”, but she and her friends were “in shock”.

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However, in a touching moment, the young influencer said that if she could meet anyone living or dead, it would be her father.

Ms Behn said: “I would say that I would like to see my father again one hundred percent if that were possible.”

The Le Bal event will raise money for humanitarian causes including to support Ukraine, and the Seleni Institute, which strives to help adult women and teenage mothers with their mental health.

Asked what the best advice she had ever received was, Ms Behn quipped: “If you’re doing something that no one hates you for or that no one tells you you’re a freak for, you’re not doing it right.”


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