'GO AWAY!' James Whale ERUPTS at caller over staggering migration numbers


The TalkRADIO host bluntly responded to the caller who refused to believe around 10,000 migrants have already crossed the channel in 2022 to seek asylum in the UK. 

Mr Whale and the caller – Freda from Manchester – rekindled old animosities, with the presenter urging her to stop listening to the show given that she perpetually questions whether he and fellow host Ash Gould tell the truth.

Freda has previous when it comes to enraging Mr Whale, who insisted “nobody” was making up any numbers.

Mr Whale added to his growing list of on air clashes when he furiously raised his voice to get the point across.

He said: “Freda, if you have come on here just too be stupid then we won’t bother with taking a call right at this time!

“I can assure you that nobody is exaggerating the number of people who come into this country illegally.

“It’s on the TV news everyday.”

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He added: “I’d love to say do not let that particular person all again.

“But she rings up regularly and shouts at me!”

An all-time record of 28,431 migrants illegally crossed the English channel to seek refuge in the UK in 2021, with the number having tripled from the year before.

In 2020, a total of 8,417 people crossed the Channel from France to England on small boats.


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