'Got a problem' Escape to the Chateau's Dick Strawbridge on new project to stop fish dying


In the latest instalment, Dick showed Angel, Dorothy and Arthur the problem.

He warned they need to clear the mucky pond or risk the last remaining fish dying. 

Dick told his wife and kids: “Here’s our problem people see the little fish over there?

“That’s the last bit of water we have here and we have to find a way to save the fish because if it gets any dryer they’re going to end up dying.”

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However, before he could get to work Dick used a ladder to lower himself into the mucky water so he could see exactly what the problem was. 

“That is so gross,” Angel remarked as Dick suspended the ladder over the bridge. 

Once in the water, Arthur playfully sprayed his father with water as Dick got to work. 

Elsewhere in the episode, Angel shared her vision with Dick about an outside kitchen area.


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