Heatwave: Brits face flying ant hell as extreme 40C scorcher reaches its peak


Many people have been forced to shut their windows to avoid the pests, which swarm in their thousands and invade homes.

This comes as the Met Office has issued a red weather warning for heat for Monday and Tuesday, as temperatures could climb to as high as 40C.

Flying Ant Day is a phenomenon that takes place each year, which sees queen ants leaving their nests to begin their first flight.

Male ants also join them in this flight, however, they are smaller and not as visible.

The queens fly around before mating, then drop to the ground where they lose their wings and attempt to form a colony.

This gathering cloud is most recognisable to people as part of Flying Ant Day as the flying ants buzz around on the ground in their thousands.

Leeds and Bradford have already witnessed their own Flying Ant Days, reported The Mirror, however, it generally takes place over a few days across the country.

A researcher involved in a project at the University of Leeds said: “Ants, like the black garden ant (Lasius niger), generally live underground, but for a few days each year the young male and new queen ants take to the air to mate and find a new home.

“Once they have mated they drop to the ground, and the new queens unhook their wings and scurry underground – never to be seen above ground again for the rest of their lives – which can be up to 25 years.

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“Two – Can flying ant swarms be seen on weather radar scans?”

The university is asking people to report their sightings of flying ants anywhere in the UK in order to help better understand this bizarre animal behaviour.

Flying ants are harmless and it is perfectly safe to pick them up and put them outside the home, and there is also no need to attack their colonies.


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