High cholesterol: Top 5 fibre-rich foods that may help to lower cholesterol


    Cholesterol is a waxy fat-like substance made in the liver. Your diet, particularly the types of fats and carbohydrates you eat, largely impact your cholesterol. The culprit contributes to heart disease, stroke and atherosclerosis. Foods rich in fibre, however, can significantly help lower levels of LDL and reduce the risk of serious complications.

    In the UK, however, three out of five adults have a total cholesterol level of 5 mmol/L or above, and the average cholesterol levels is about 5.7mmol/L, which can be a risk factor in the development of coronary heart disease.

    Avoiding cheese and other high-fat dairy products such as butter and ice cream is important when trying to lower your cholesterol.

    The Harvard Health Blog suggests: “Replacing those calories with healthy, unsaturated fat (such as those found in vegetable oils, avocados, and fatty fish) rather than refined carbohydrates such a white bread, pasta and white rice.

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