Highway Code changes TODAY: Do you know all the major new rules?


New and updated rules to the Highway Code have been introduced, changing how drivers share the road with cyclists – and this includes the correct etiquette when approaching and travelling around a roundabout. What is the new rule all drivers need to know?

Updates made to the Highway Code officially come into force today, January 29, 2022.

Many of the changes to the code stem from the new concept of a hierarchy of road users, in which road users are ranked by who is most at risk in the event of a collision.

So, pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders are more at risk than motorists, and therefore certain rules have been updated to give greater consideration to these road users.

Other rules update guidance for cyclists on the correct position they should stay in on the road.

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Another key update is the introduction of a door-opening technique called the Dutch Reach.

This is where drivers and passengers are advised to open the car door using the hand furthest from the door.

So if you were sitting in the driving seat, you would reach over with your left hand to open the door.

By doing this, you have to turn your body and head forcing you to look behind you before opening the door.

This makes injuring a cyclist or pedestrian with the door less likely.


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