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HMRC issues urgent scam alert to Britons doing part-time work – ‘be wary!’


Nearly half of all tax scams have offered fake tax refunds, which the legitimate HMRC will never offer individuals via text message or email. However, this kind of correspondence can sometimes mimic messages the real Government department would actually send in order to dupe individuals into thinking they are liaising with the real Revenue.

The criminals involved in these type of scams are usually trying to steal a person’s money through harvesting their bank details, which can obviously have a severely detrimental financial effect. However, some are seeking to steal personal information to sell onto others, which could result in a person being targeted by more scams.

Unfortunately, HMRC is commonly used by cybercriminals as it is a well-known name and familiar brand. Criminals can abuse the knowledge of the Revenue in attempts to add further legitimacy to their scam attempts. 

HMRC has also warned about links or files which are contained within messages a person might receive through email or text message. While these may seem innocuous enough, they do have the potential to be especially dangerous.

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