Horoscopes & love: Virgo should avoid 'settling for second best' despite 'satisfying vibe'


    Each star sign in the zodiac has different qualities, needs, and desires when it comes to finding love and being in love. Virgo, the sixth sign in the zodiac, is represented by the Virgin.

    Some of Virgo’s personality traits are well-known, such as their tendency to lean towards perfectionism, but what are Virgos generally like when it comes to love?

    Those born under the Virgin sign find it difficult to fall in love as they don’t always trust people, but when they do like someone, they give it their all.

    Horoscope.com said: “Once Virgos give their heart, they give everything.

    “They expect absolute honesty and give the same in return.

    “A Virgo truly believes that partnership means ‘what’s mine is yours’, and this sign elevates a partnership above all else.

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    Horoscope.com said: “Two earth signs, Taurus and Virgo innately get each other, and they believe that drama takes away from partnership.

    “These two signs are happy to swap social media passwords; each knows that the other has nothing to hide.”

    However, other signs that are compatible with Virgo are Cancer and Capricorn.

    Cancers could be good for Virgos as they balance each other, the Crab being a water sign, while Capricorns are practical and fun – just like Virgos.

    Throughout the week, Virgos are urged to apply the lessons they have learned from previous relationships to their current or new ones.

    Horoscope.com said: “The sun is partnered with future-oriented Sagittarius this week as well, which helps keep your mind off past failures.

    “Forget about the mistakes you made before. Your next relationship will be so much better if you apply the lessons you’ve learned.

    “Quick-witted Mercury leaves sarcastic Scorpio for blunt Sagittarius in the middle of the week, so your flirting style will get a lot more direct.

    “You don’t mind talking about controversial topics but your date might. Watch for their body language to change if you say something they don’t like.”

    Virgos should feel confident and good about themselves every day, but especially this week as the astrology experts said: “You’re doing what you need to do to have the future you want, Virgo, and that’s admirable.”

    This is likely due to the “satisfying vibe” coming from the hardworking Venus-Capricorn pairing this week.

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