How much money has Pfizer made from selling Covid jabs? Company shares latest results


    Pfizer, alongside Moderna and AstraZeneca, were the first biopharmaceutical companies to develop Covid vaccines. Together, they have provided protection from more than 90 percent of cases for hundreds of millions of people. The benefit comes full circle for each company thanks to international exports, and Pfizer has revealed just how much it has sold.

    How much money has Pfizer made from selling Covid jabs?

    Various governments have bought hundreds of millions of Pfizer-made vials since the jabs hit the market in early 2021.

    As such, they have sunk significant capital into protecting their local populations.

    And billions of dollars of cash has come straight back to Pfizer.

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    Should global health officials from the World Health Organisation (WHO) or ministries from individual countries decide they need these jabs, Pfizer stands to make even more money from sales.

    However, experts haven’t made a final decision on whether the additional shot is necessary.

    Dr Kate O’Brien, WHO’s immunisation director, said researchers haven’t compiled “enough information” to provide a concrete recommendation just yet.

    In a video posted to the organisation’s social media channels, she added research needs to provide an “evidence-based recommendation.”

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