'Hypocrisy!' Labour sparks fury for attack on 'missing' Boris while STARMER is on holiday


Conservatives have criticised the opposition party for repeatedly accusing Boris Johnson and his top team of being “missing” and having “no plan” to deal with the unfolding situation. They also attacked the Prime Minister for taking a short five-day holiday last week at the same time the Bank of England was announcing a rise in interest rates.

Last Friday, deputy leader Angela Rayner said: “Boris Johnson’s zombie Conservative Government has checked out after crashing the economy.

“As the Bank of England forecasts the joint longest recession in three decades, the disgraced Prime Minister lingers on, asleep at the wheel, propped up by Tory MPs when he should be long gone.

“As people up and down the country are sick with worry about how they’ll pay the bills, ministers have gone missing in action.”

But furious Tory MPs have pointed out the party Sir Keir Starmer is also currently on holiday and that Labour has failed to fully outline what it would do if in power.

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“There’s no alternative from them.”

On Monday, Labour’s shadow chancellor, Rachel Reeves, said Labour would “tackle this crisis and deliver the stronger, more-secure economy that Britain needs” if in power.

Outlining broad principles of a plan of action with very little detail, she said: “People are worried sick about how they’ll pay their bills and do their weekly food shop, and all this Tory prime minister does is shrug his shoulders.

“An economic crisis like this requires strong leadership and urgent action – but instead we have a Tory party that’s lost control and are stuck with two continuity candidates who can only offer more of the same.

“Labour would start by scrapping tax breaks on oil and gas producers and providing more help to people who are struggling to pay their energy bills.”

The party has failed to set out exactly how much support it would give those who are struggling and admits it is yet to finalise its proposals.

No10 has ruled out an emergency budget before a new Prime Minister is in place, highlighting it would be extremely unusual to announce extra fiscal measures now.

“Clearly these global pressures meaning challenging times for the public. The Government recognised that the end of the year will present wider challenges with things like changes to the (energy) price cap,” the Prime Minister’s official spokesman said.

“That is why, at the start of the summer, we introduced a number of measures to help the public. Clearly some of the global pressures have increased since that was announced.

“By convention it is not for this Prime Minister to make major fiscal interventions during this period. It will be for a future prime minister.”


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