'I struggled myself as well' Iwan Thomas on the advice Prince Harry gave him


He said: “I think for me, the results of the campaign didn’t really shock me, because I knew, for me personally, whenever I’m feeling slightly low, or life seems to be getting on top of me, my happy place is to train, going for a run, or going to the gym.

“So I was really interested in taking part in this study to find out if there was any science behind that, because I knew myself, my mindset, and my mood would change if I wasn’t able to exercise.

“But I often wondered, is that just me or is there actually science behind it? So it was really interesting to do the study, to sort of, you know, train, then be forced not to train for a week and then go back to it.”

Iwan concluded that his “overwhelming” message for others looking to feel better was that “exercise clearly is good for you”. 


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