'I'm a criminologist and here are three 'hunting grounds' serial killers tend to skulk'


A leading criminologist has revealed the macabre and alarming places sadistic killers tend to lurk, in the hopes of finding their next victim. Investigative crime expert Christopher Berry Dee explained that advancements in technology have shaped the behaviour of serial killers but their methods have more or less stayed the same throughout history. 

Christopher Berry Dee, an investigative criminologist and author, said throughout history killers have been using the same “hunting grounds” to catch their victims. 

Mr Dee told US Sun: “A lot of men [are] like the serial killer John Edward Robinson, the first killer to use the internet for serial killing purposes.”

John Edward Robinson was a notorious American serial killer convicted of killing five women, who he predominantly met via online chatrooms. 

The criminologist explained that killers, like incels, can turn to the internet to find other twisted and toxic online communities. 

He said: “[They go] into chatrooms particularly as someone else, a businessman, luring lonely women back to his place and killing them.”

Chatrooms, Snapchat and dating sites such as Grindr have become a tool for serial murderers on the hunt for their next victim.

“People underestimate the internet. It becomes a trawling hunting ground for predators. Whether its scammers or men who pray on lonely hearts [of] women…it goes way back”, Mr Dee explained. 

Before the inception of the internet, the local newspaper was a place for nefarious characters to make contact with people they were looking to kill. 

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In the 1940s, American serial killer couple Raymond Martinez Fernandez and Martha Jule Beck found their victims by responding to personal ads, posted in newspapers’ lonely hearts columns. 

They were convicted of one murder but are believed to have killed up to 20 more people between 1947 and 1949.

Similarly, serial killer Harvey Carignan, also known as the “Want-Ad Killer” was convicted in 1975 for killing two women, who he lured in by responding to personal ads they put in papers looking for help with something.

Mr Dee told the outlet: “Actually, the modus operandi is more or less the same as they are today.

“The internet is really just an extension of that, it hasn’t changed. It’s just the method of doing it is electronic now. Dangerous place the internet.”

Dee, who wrote the popular book Murder.com, explained that chatrooms can be like a “hunting ground” for serial killers, referencing John Wayne Gacy who used chatrooms to meet young men and boys – 33 of whom he raped, tortured and murdered. 

The criminology expert said: “[Killers] have a hunting ground like an animal, like a lion or something, they know where the prey is or they know where the fish swim and that makes it easier for them to cast their net because these people are like-minded and he used that as his bait.

“They know where their intended prey swims in shoals, they sniff it out and they’ll watch and they’ll wait and then they’ll select the weaker one of the herd or the one who has left the group, the one who is walking to a taxi in the rain and he’s waiting.

“They’re patient and they’ll strike and that’s it, they’re dead.”

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